Randonnée Principale du ( **SAMEDI** ) ''La Classique du Printemps'' - 2020 - ''The Classique'' ADV Rally (SATURDAY) Main ride

16 May 2020

1 places disponibles!


''The First Adventure of the year!''

' You are cordially invited to register for the "The Classique" Adventure Motorcycle Rally, (14th edition) a three day event that will take place in the Laurentians just north of Montreal Qc, on May 15th to 17th 2020.

The event will indeed take place over three days this year, with TWO different days of full riding… this is just the first stage of registrations.

A second phase will soon be announced for activities that will run over two other days on the weekend, Friday (15th) and Sunday (17th of may). For these there will be NO waiting list, you could register and take advantage of all the activities on the site,

Please read the impotrant message below.

Thank you very much!

-Your organizing committee

OH! and by the way!

Interesting door prizes will be drawn for those participating specifically in the activities during the other two days… Please stay tuned!… 😊

The ride owner has temporarily suspended the susbscriptions for the ride. Please come back later.