Party fin de saison organisé par Mylou (FB Double-Usage Laurentides)

01 December 2018

0 places disponibles!

Hello there friends!

Welcome to Double-Usage Laurentides end of season party

Thank you for taking a bit of your time to register yourself and your friend that will join you (unless they've already registered themselves)

In order to help us guarantee the reservation, we respectfully ask if you could give us a small amount of 5$ (non-refundable) per person. If we cannot reach our minimum reservation number.

If our minimum amount of reservations is attained, we would like to use this amount in a ''half & half'' drawing, whereas the winner would keep half, and the other half would be used to could use the other half to finance the forum's monthly hosting fee.

The evening will be held at

Towne 380

380, St-Martin Ouest Laval, QC H7M 3Y8

[450] 668 8696 [450] 663 1257

Many thanks for your consideration.

Sorry, the evening is full, we'll hopefully be seeing You at next years event