Classique 2019 - Bienvenue aux bénévoles - Welcome volunteers!

21 May 2019

126 places disponibles!


*The Classique needs your help! *

Or maybe just a bit of your time… :-)

This site is for the use of the Classique's volunteers, but also for all the personnel that will support other organisations and companies.

For the volunteers of the Classique!:

Help is needed to help us conduct a successful event, any contribution of your time would be appreciated, you can help us once, at different times, or even over a couple of days.

Where is the help needed? As an example, on the Friday afternoon, help is needed to prepare the site.

On the Saturday (our biggest day). If you want to pitch in, it would be required that you arrive a little bit earlier in the morning, (5h30). You would then be assigned to a specific task, such as working in the waiver section, parking duties, placing bikes on the starting grid or other tasks etc...

On the third day (Sunday), help would be needed to basically help us man and coordinate activities that will take place on that day.

There is no need to do it all, any of your time is appreciated, it could be a onetime thing right up the full three days! (lol.. just kidding… 😉)... One this is for sure, it's possible to give a hand and also ride! We would certainly appreciate your contribution to the Adventure bike community, after all aren’t, we all part of it? This whole organization is run solely by volunteers, this from the top down, we all share our time to make this a wonderful event.

Thank You for your consideration towards this community event, and to thank you for your time in volunteering at the Classique, you will be automatically registered to take part in a special series of door prizes. (It should be worth it!) Thank you!

This ride is now expired. No more subscriptions can be made!