Formation de Pilotage Technique de type ''Trial en Enduro''

19 May 2019

12 places disponibles!

Join us for our very first ''Enduro-trials'' type of rider training

This course will help you learn ''trials'' riding techniques to apply them to enduro and small dual-port bikes trails riding

This course is usually given via the ''Enduro Québec'' group by:

  • Stephan Fotheringham who has over 30 years of experience and President of ‘’ATAQ’’
  • Alain Boisvert with over 15 years of trials experience and Dual-sport riding
  • Michael Fotheringham with over 10 years of experience in trials-moto

No minimum of experience is required to participate, this training is for both beginners and more experienced riders.

But there will be a limitation with respect to the size of your bike, ideally 500cc’s or less, mono-cylinders only, for example a KLR 650 could join in but it will be much harder for them in the afternoon portion of the day.

Start of training at around 9:30am

Points that will be covered:

  1. Understanding the mechanics of your bike to maximize its use
  2. Basic body positioning on the bike.
  3. Throttle control and braking
  4. Turns and counter weighting
  5. Controlled ’wheelies’’
  6. Crossing obstacles

During lunch break, there will be an official demonstration which should take place somewhere between Noon and 12:30.

To take part in this day of training, the cost will be 125$

The end of the session should be at around 3pm max.

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This ride is now expired. No more subscriptions can be made!