''La Classique du Printemps'' - Quads 2019 -

20 May 2019

131 places disponibles!

Welcome to THE CLASSIQUE 2019**

''The First Adventure of the year!''

You are cordially invited to register yourself to be part of the very first dual Quad and motorbike event of "The Classique" Rally, which will take place in the Laurentian mountains just north of Montreal Qc, on May 18th.

The event will indeed take place over three days this year, During theses three days, you will be able to take part in riding activities, training seminars such as managing mechanical issues in the wilderness, GPS navigation, some survival techniques, there will be ‘’Demo Rides’’ (Bikes & ATV’s).

And for the first time at the Classique, camping will be available, direct on site in Lachute. Whether you want to throw up a tent or even come down with your motorized vehicle, we will definitely have some room for you over the weekend!

Please read further down in this document for more details.

Thank you very much!

-Your organizing committee

OH! and by the way!

Interesting door prizes will be drawn for those participating specifically in the activities during the other two days… Please stay tuned!… 😊

Please take the time to attentively read the following document for all the details for this year’s 2019 Classique!

P.S.: Please take note that if in any case you need to re-start an abandoned registration session. This registration tool unfortunately does NOT permit reuse of the same email address, If you need to redo your registration, please use a fresh (functional) email address. Thank you for your indulgence on this subject.

This ride is now expired. No more subscriptions can be made!