''La Classique du Printemps'' - Quads 2019 -

18 May 2019

137 places disponibles!

Welcome to THE CLASSIQUE 2019**

''The First Adventure of the year!''

You are cordially invited to register yourself to be part of the very first dual Quad and motorbike event of "The Classique" Rally, which will take place in the Laurentian mountains just north of Montreal Qc, on May 18th.

The event will indeed take place over three days this year, During theses three days, you will be able to take part in riding activities, training seminars such as managing mechanical issues in the wilderness, GPS navigation, some survival techniques, there will be ‘’Demo Rides’’ (Bikes & ATV’s).

And for the first time at the Classique, camping will be available, direct on site in Lachute. Whether you want to throw up a tent or even come down with your motorized vehicle, we will definitely have some room for you over the weekend!

Please read further down in this document for more details.

Thank you very much!

-Your organizing committee

OH! and by the way!

Interesting door prizes will be drawn for those participating specifically in the activities during the other two days… Please stay tuned!… 😊

Please take the time to attentively read the following document for all the details for this year’s 2019 Classique!

P.S.: Please take note that if in any case you need to re-start an abandoned registration session. This registration tool unfortunately does NOT permit reuse of the same email address, If you need to redo your registration, please use a fresh (functional) email address. Thank you for your indulgence on this subject.


Thank you to Honda Canada and their dealers

Proud partners of the 2019 ''Classique'' Adventure ride

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Please be advised that passengers will also be required to fully register ($) as they will also be benefiting fully from all the perks of the ride.

If you are a passenger or a volunteer, please write it (Passenger or Volunteer) in each box in lieu of the vehicle information that is requested

Note: Only registered persons will be admitted on site in the morning.

As a backseat passenger (if applicable to you), please write you riders name in full inside the following text box

Food Zone

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Morning coffee, muffins and lunch are graciously offered by the Classiques' organizing committee

Please note that for those who suffer from food allergies, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that the said foods will be completely free of food allergens.

If you suffer from certain food allergies that can potentially do harm to you, we request that you bring your own lunch and/or required medication in case of a medical emergency.

Banquet au restaurant ''Le Top Shot'' of Lachute

A banquet that's not to be missed! With thousands of dollars in door prizes! and New this year at the Top Shot... 'Backtraxx'' ... an 80's & 90's cover band! '

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For those who wish to attend the end of day banquet, a 5$ deposit will be required today in order to reserve your seat.

The 5$ fee is a deposit that will be deducted from the menu price at the restaurant.

Unfortunately, only persons that have previously registered, will be able to attend the banquet. NO EXCEPTIONS


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Please indicate (yes or no) if you have a valid first aid certificate.

Each team will carry a basic first aid kit in case of emergency.

Full name and phone number please


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Tent or Caravan?

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Please take note that camping spots are allocated by tent or caravan and not on a ''per person'' basis… thank you!

New this year!

Here’s your chance to take full advantage of your ‘’Classique’’ experience this year. You’re travelling from a long distance to be with us? You love chatting around a campfire? You always wanted to take full advantage of your evening at the Top Shot?

This year we are offering to participants the opportunity to camp on site! In a tent, a ‘’Fifth wheel’’ or even in a motorized caravan, we’ll make some room for you!

And to make it easier, this year, participants will be Shuttled from the fairgrounds to the Top Shot and take full advantage of their evening!

Three packages available, be it for a tent, medium or full sized caravans. All prices are for two night stays only (Friday an d Saturday nights)

Three packages (for 2 nights only):

20$ for a tent

30$ for a 35' vehicle (max)

40$ for a 36' to 45' vehicle

Electricity and running water will NOT be available, but showers and bathrooms will be.


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A collection piece!

This will be the 8th edition of the Classiques' commemorative T-Shirt from our ''in-house'' designer ''K-Load''!

The first one is free, but if you'd like to get a 2nd one for 20$, weather this is for you, or as a present… dont be shy!

You will receive it on the morning of the ride.

Parking (5$)

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In the event that you choose to wait on the day of the ride to decide, If so, a 10$ (cash only) fee will fee will be required on site if you need a parking spot for your vehicle/trailer.

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(Please take note that any caravan or motorized caravan due to camp will not need to pay a parking fee, but any accompanying vehicles will - i.e cars, pick-ups etc)

*No fee is required if you ride in on your Quad via the trails. *

Just to figure out the best fit with a group in terms one of the official languages (as best we can!)

Trail pass (Daily) and private property access

As we will be riding through some federated quad trails, a valid trail pass will be required, we will also need your vehicle information beforehand. Please complete it below

Please indicate if (yes or no) you have an annual pass.

If you don’t have one, ‘’The Classique’, will cover that fee for you.


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Thank you for choosing one

If You're riding backseat, please write ''Passenger''

Please choose the year of your Quad

Please enter the serial number of your bike - Passengers, please write ''Nil'' in the text box.

If you're a passenger, please write ''passenger'', otherwise please write in required information

Your birth date is required for the trail access pass

Please write it below: Day - Month- Year (write month in letters please)

Some of our valued sponsors...

Lets take a minute to thank some of our sponsors, without them, The Classique couldn't exist!

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IMPORTANT - Please read this before proceeding:

If the ‘’Next button’’ is not active after this section (just below), you will not be able to move ahead. The reason for this is that you may have one or more previous questions that were either omitted or incomplete.

If this is the case, you will need to go back up through the sections, correct all outstanding sections and then come back to this section.

When all is well, you will then be able to move ahead to choose you team and eventually to the payment section.

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Win yourself a bike!

**Once your registration is completed, you will receive an email confirmation at the email address you supplied us.

If you cannot find it, it is possible that it may have been directed to your ‘’Spam’’ section, please check it.

Within this confirmation, you will find some important event information, but also a link that will direct you to the Honda ‘’Win a Bike’’ contest. All you need is to register for a chance (or two) to win!**

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